This is me...


Hi! I am Maria, a fashion enthusiast and handbag addict who loves colorful and unique pieces that make you look twice and stand out in a crowd. I am also the mom of two beautiful girls who keep me very busy and running all over town with crayons, snacks, juice boxes, and numerous other crafts which almost always end up crushed or spilled at the bottom of my favorite bags.


​I was tired of always having to go back to the ugly suitcase like diaper bag that holds all their needs but crushes all my fashion dreams. So one day, while cleaning and trying to salvage yet another bag, I remembered the colorful, sturdy, and beautiful bags my mom used on a daily basis to run errands around town and just like that, Mandado Bags was born!


So, what exactly is a "Mandado"? Mandado is the Spanish word used in my native Mexico to refer to errands, market runs, and other chores that usually keep us busy all over town. It is a one-word summary of my daily activities and a perfect way to introduce some of my Latin flare to my brand. 


On their own, the bags are already colorful and different from each other since they are all hand-sewn. I work on them individually and on my own and my inspiration varies on a daily basis; memories, experiences and current trends all help me add color and shine to every bag. As unique as the bags, each pom-pom that decorates them is worked in collaboration with artisans in the region of Oaxaca, Mexico.​

You can check out more of my designs, collaborations and interviews in my Instagram account and while you are there send me a message! I love to hear your stories and see your pictures! Don't forget to use #mymandadobag!!