María Dolls also known as "muñecas de trapo", date back to the 1970s when Guadalupe Rivera, daughter of muralist Diego Rivera, started a program designed to help women in a small municipality near Queretaro, who had been limited to selling candy on the street in cities.


She taught the local people her style of making rag dolls, which originally included the use of buttons so that the dolls would have movable arms and legs, but since then, the design has been modified to the current version.


These dolls represent a symbol of Mexican culture because they reflect the humility and dedication of women who make them with various fabrics and colorful ribbons, giving magic to childhood feelings. 

Maria Doll - Red

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  • The Maria Doll bag is made out of plastic mesh with hand embroidered sequins that bring out every detail of its decorations. The handmade nature of this bag makes it unique and only one in stock.

    The pom-pom decoration is hand embroidered in Mexico. 

    Measurements : 19" x 18" x 3" with sturdy handles


    Note: Design printed on both sides, but only embellished on one. May have some machine marks. 

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