One of the most acknowledged symbols of Mexican art is the Mermaid. She is believed to be the goddess Chalchiutlicue. She was the wife of Tlaloc, the god of rain and moisture. She was also considered as the goddess of water sellers, fisherman, and sea-farers. 


Mermaid tales vary from town to town but they all have a common theme: a young girl who went to bathe by the banks of a river against her mother's will. One day, when the girl was done bathing, she tried to get out of the water but couldn’t. Her body had become scaled like a fish and in that very moment she became a mermaid with long shiny hair to cover her naked body.

Mermaid - Yellow

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  • The Mermaid bag is made out of plastic mesh with hand-embroidered sequins that bring out every detail of its decorations. The handmade nature of this bag makes it unique and one of a kind.


    IMPORTANT NOTICE: **The picture shown here is only for display purposes. The final product may vary in the color of the sequins and decoration**

    The pom-pom decoration is hand embroidered in Mexico. 

    Measurements : 19" x 18" x 3" with sturdy handles


    Note: Design printed on both sides, but only embellished on one. May have some machine marks. 

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